Mi LED TVs: An In-Dept Review

Mi is a very popular brand in the mobile industry but do you know that they are manufacturing a number of other cool products ranging from Air Purifiers, Fitness Bands, Soundbars, Luggage to Beard Trimmers. One such amazing offering from them is the Smart LED range of TVs. Since launch these have been a great hit among customers. So we thought why not give you all the information you need to know about the Mi Smart LED TVs.

Mi LED TVs are available in screen sizes of 32-inch, 43-inch, 49-inch and 55-inch. These TVs not only have a host of features but are available at very attractive prices. Premium quality at attractive price is the primary reason for them to be one of the best LED TVs in the market right now. 


Mi LED TVs are loaded with some cool features. They understood the future of Television and all their models are loaded with Android Operating System. These TVs are not just Internet TVs but are ‘Smart TVs’ in real sense. The Smart remote has a minimalistic design and comes with Google Voice Search. You can even control other Smart Devices in your home. Access to Play Store and loads of Internet Content through Patch Wall. 

So, let’s dive into each of these features and see what they are capable of.

Display and Build Quality

Why HD Ready on the 32inch TVs and Full HD on the bigger ones? The answer lies in the combination of screen size and appropriate resolution for it. HD Ready models have a 1366×768 pixel resolution whereas Full HD comes with 1920×1080 pixel resolution. The 4K on the 55inch model has a 3840×2160 pixel resolution. Sounds amazing, but the reality is that a HD Ready will work perfectly up to 32inch display, but beyond that the clarity and sharpness will be gone. Simply because there will not be enough pixels to fill the bigger screens. So the pixel size will have to be bigger and so the picture quality will be pathetic. 

Same is the case with providing Full HD resolution for up to 49inch displays, but for 55inch, even the Full HD will fall short on good picture quality. And so comes the 4K resolution to provide you brilliant details even on such a big screen size. 

Mi played this smartly and provided the right resolution for their models. As a result, no matter which display size you choose from the Mi TVs, you get excellent picture quality. The 55inch models are provided with HDR technology which enhances the brightness and color quality even further.

One thing that cannot be missed is the frameless display and ultra slim panel on the Mi LED TV 4 Pro 138.8 cm (55), looks amazing. Mi claims that this TV with a width of only 4.9mm is the world thinnest. The frameless edges make this TV just blend into your wall. If you can get creative with your TV console, then it will look even better. 

All TVs comes with a refresh rate of 60Hz. More is better and 60Hz refresh rate is better than 50Hz. But you will not notice much difference between a 60Hz and 50Hz refresh rate other than when you are watching a low-resolution video or playing our favorite old game like Mario Bros.  

Smart Remote with Google Voice Search

The Smart Remote really is a futuristic looking remote with limited number of buttons on it. All Mi remotes come with a Mic and Voice Assistant. All you need to do is, say it in the Mic after pressing the Microphone button, and it will do the rest. 

Mi Smart Remote is a single unified remote with Bluetooth connectivity. It can be paired with your TV and Set top box remote to be used as a single remote to control all devices. Amazing isn’t it.  

Just one downside is that it misses out on the essential mute button. 

Quad-Core Processor

All Mi TVs are powered by Amlogic Cortex 53 Quad-Core CPU and Mali-450 GPU processors. CPU is the Central Processing Unit or the brain of the TV and GPU is the Graphics Processing Unit which manages the image creation on the display. 

The 32inch and 43inch TVs come with 1GB RAM and 8GB of internal storage. The 49inch and 55inch come with 2GB RAM and 8GB of internal storage. Out of the 8GB internal memory approximately 2.5GB is occupied by the Patch Wall and other software in the TV. So, if you are not downloading too many apps, then this memory will be enough. 

Patch Wall

Mi Patch Wall is a customer User Interface on all Mi Smart LED TVs. Although the OS is Android 8 Oreo, but this is like a custom Mi screen on top of it. It shows the content first and apps later. It also doesn’t have an app store, but a host of apps have already been installed like HotStar, Hungama etc. But it does give you an option to access the Android OS version as well. There is a dedicated button on the remote for this and you can access Google services like Play Store, Google Music etc. 

Mi keeps releasing updates for PatchWall as well and new apps are added regularly. Unfortunately, the Netflix and Amazon apps are unavailable currently, but Mi is working to provide them by end of 2019. 

Built-in Chrome Cast

Mi LED TVs provide you with built-in Chrome Cast. Chrome Cast is a device from Google that enables even a standard LED TV to access the internet and Play Store apps. The in-built Chrome Cast is what is enabling the internet connectivity on the Mi TVs. You can also cast or mirror your mobile screen on to your TV and anything watch movies directly from your phone. 


The sound on Mi LED TVs is generated by 20W Stereo Speakers. These speakers work on Dolby Digital + DTS-HD sound technologies. Dolby is considered the pioneers of digital sound and are a trademark of quality sound. On the other hand, DTS-HD (High Definition Digital Theatre System) produces the Surround Sound Effect. 

The audio output on Mi TVs is loud enough but even after all the high-end technology, it failed to impress a lot of customers. 


Mi TVs are available with all sorts of connectivity options. Set-Top-Box, Home Theatre, Sound Bar or Gaming Console, you get enough ports to connect all of these. 

HDMI, USB, AV, Ethernet, Bluetooth and WIFI are available on all model. The Audio 3.5 mm jack to connect your headphone is available on the 32inch and 43inch models but 49inch and 55inch models come with a S/PDIF port. S/PDIF ports is a port mostly used to connect a Home Theatre and is responsible for producing the surround effect. So if a car drives from left of the screen to the right, you can fee the sound travelling from left speaker to right one as well. While the Audio 3.5 mm is missing on but the Bluetooth is even better. Connect your Bluetooth earphones wirelessly and enjoy movies, music and games without disturbing others. 

Except for the 43inch model which comes with 3 USB ports, the rest of all the models have 2 USB ports, 3 HDMI ports with one of them being an ARC port, 1 AV port and 1 Ethernet Port. Ethernet port is available to connect the internet cable but WIFI is present in all TVs that easily connects to your WIFI network. 

New Launches

Xiaomi in September 2019 launched a series of new LED TVs in India at their SMARTER LIVING 2020 event. The biggest attraction was the Mi TV 4X 65-inch, the biggest TV offering from Xiaomi. Apart from this was Mi TV 4X 50-inch, Mi TV 4X 43-inch and a Mi TV 4A 40-inch LED TVs. Just like the previous model, not only are these priced competitively but are also the loaded with features. The one most missed feature, Yes the “Netflix” app is also added to the family. Xiaomi has also introduced a latest version of their Patch Wall interface and these TVs comes with latest Android 9 Pie Operating System. 

I am sure you all must be eager to know about these TVs. So, let me give you a quick review on these new models that will surely confuse you…ha ha ha…exactly! Well there is so much to choose from, I am surely confused. I will not go into each feature and bore you because it is the same as other Mi TVs. 

Let’s start with the showstopper Mi TV 4X 65-inch LED TV and let me tell you what extra you get with this TV. This is a 4K TV with massive 65-inch screen size. The built quality is premium and now the bezels are made of brushed metal frame. You also get dedicated Netflix and Prime buttons on the remote. 

The LG panel provides vivid color distribution and it comes with 4 speakers 2 subwoofers and 2 tweeters the sound is quite impressive. So good picture quality with great sound surely makes up a great LED TV.

Next on the list is Mi TV 4X 50-inch LED TV. This is also a 4K TV with good picture quality. The real fun would be in watching 4K content. Good news is that you get tons of 4K content on Mi Patch Wall interface with the TV. 

The speakers are not that good, and you will need a soundbar to really enjoy the TV. 

Coming to Mi TV 4X 43-inch LED TV. The previous 43-inch TV was a Full-HD TV but this new variant comes with a 4K display, which makes it an attractive buy. 

Again, the sound quality is not that good and bigger rooms will need extra set of speakers or a soundbar. 

Last but not the least is the Mi TV 4A 40-inch LED TV. This is again a new screen size which was missing in the earlier series of Mi TVs. Unlike the other new launches, this comes with a FULL-HD screen and not a 4K one. But with a price of around Rs 18000 and good built quality make this is a very good buy. 

Xiaomi has surely upped their game with these latest TV launches. Not only are these well packaged products but are very competitively priced.  The LED TV market is certainly heating up and we are spoiled with choice and at the same time confused 😉. 

Customer Reviews and Ratings

I haven’t come across any site that gives a summary of customer reviews which are the real reviews by real people. So I have decided to share a summary of what I came across in my research on customer reviews I went through on different websites selling Mi TVs. 

How I go about it? Whenever I am searching for a product, I often find the best reviews in the customer reviews section. They are honest and real experiences of the customers. I read through both the Positive and Negative reviews and try and look for a pattern of Pros and Cons to see if there is any common feature that customers liked or faced trouble with. 

Overall customer rating for each model based on not just a single website but an average of ratings from different websites is as follows. 

ModelAvg. Customer Rating
Mi LED TV 4C Pro 80 cm (32)4.5/5
Mi LED TV 4A Pro 80 cm (32)4.4/5
Mi LED TV 4A Pro 108 cm (43)4.4/5
Mi LED TV 4A Pro 123.2 cm (49)4.4/5
Mi LED TV 4X Pro 138.8 cm (55)4.3/5
Mi LED TV 4 Pro 138.8 cm (55)4.7/5
Mi LED TV 4X 163.9 cm (65)4.6/5
Mi LED TV 4X 125.7 cm (50) 4.9/5
Mi LED TV 4X 108 cm (43) 4.6/5
Mi LED TV 4A 100 cm (40) 4.9/5


Mi LED TVs are real value for money and even though they are so attractively priced, but Mi has not compromised on the overall build quality. The fit and finish is quite sturdy. The frameless display and ultra slim panel with a width of only 4.9mm on the Mi LED TV 4 Pro 138.8 cm (55), looks and feels amazing. 

Although the sound quality is not great, but it is not bad either. Mi has the technology they only need to fine tune it to get the max out of it. With cool features like the Smart Remote, Bluetooth connectivity and Android TV experience at such competitive prices make the Mi LED TVs a great offering. No doubt why these TVs are selling like hot cakes. 

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