How to choose an Air Purifier? – Buying Guide

Yesterday I went jogging and I found everyone was wearing masks. At one moment I found it scary but then I realised those were Air pollution masks but that is even scarier. I live in Delhi and today, when I am writing this article, Delhi is at the 4th position in the list of most polluted cities in the world. While we have water purifiers in our home, we neglect the need of an Air Purifier.

You can check your city's current air quality ranking at AirVisual

The best way to purify the air is to use the best and the natural air purifiers i.e. Trees. So, try and plant more and more trees and protect those that are already there but till then you can use some artificial air purifiers to prevent yourself and your family from dangerous deceases caused by air pollution.

So, I decided to buy one and went to the store but there were so many options and I got confused. I came back and did some research on Air purifiers and believe me it is not an easy task. 

The first question that came to my mind was – do air purifiers really work? 

Air purifiers absorb pollutants, dust particles and odour to purify the air inside a room. They have some advanced filters, UV lamps and other techs to do so. So, ok they do reduce the pollution inside my room. 

So, what are the things I need to consider before buying an Air Purifier? Let’s start with basic requirements.

Types of Filter in Air Purifier

An Air purifier contains several filters to purify air. Before buying a filter you need to check what filters you need.

Pre-filter – Pre-filter capture large impurities particles. Prefer a filter with pre-filter installed because this increases the life of the other filters installed in the purifier. Best part is that these filters are washable. If you clean these time to time then your filter will work better and last longer

HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) – This is the most commonly available filter type and most popular as well. It can filter up to 99.9% pollutants of small sizes of up to 0.02 microns. For general purpose, HEPA Air Purifiers are ideal. 

Activated Carbon Filters – If you feel your room air has bad odour than look for Activated Carbon Filters. These filters can neutralize the smell of cooking, smoke, fumes etc.

Antibacterial Filters – You must have understood what it does by its name. It kills bacterias and germs in the air. 

UV FIlters – UV filters sterilize air and prevent airborne infections.

But these are mostly used in hospitals and labs.

Air Purifiers as per the room size

Air Purifiers available on Amazon India based on room size

below 250 sq ft

250-350 sq ft

350-700 sq ft

Above 700 sq ft

Now you know the basics, let’s look at some technical terms which are equally important.

ACH (Air Changes per Hour)

Pollutants constantly enter your room and hence Air purifiers needs to clean the air constantly. If you live in high polluted cities like Delhi or Mumbai you should choose an Air Purifier with ACH value of atleat 4. That means it will clean the entire claimed area 4 times per hour. 

CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate)

CADR is the rate at which Air Purifier removes pollutants and emits purified air into the surroundings. High CADR is the better choice. 

Maintenance required for Air Purifiers

Air purifier requires maintenance of its filters. You need to change filters after every 9-12 months for better performance. This is important and you need to consider maintenance cost as well in your budget before buying an Air Purifier.

That’s a lot to look for in an Air Purifier but you will be able to make a better choice now. 

Now you are ready to go for Air Purifier shopping but here are some more tips:

  • Go for HEPA filters. That is a must.
  • If you live in construction areas or you live with pets then make sure your Air Purifier has Pre-filter
  • If you feel that air has bad odour then choose an Activated Carbon Filter as well
  • For asthmatic patients DO NOT buy UV filters because they release ozone as byproducts which has adverse effects

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