Henry Cavill is NOT playing Wolverine in Captain Marvel 2

The rumour of Henry Cavill playing Wolverine in Captain Marvel 2 got originated from a gossip site and went viral in no time.

After Disney acquired 20th Century Fox in a $71.3 billion deal, the X-Men came back to Marvel Studios. The deal rejoiced X-Men fans as this would introduce X-Men characters in the universe of Marvel.

Since the latest X-Men movies have been extremely bad, fans are waiting to see some good storylines.
Hugh Jackman who played wolverine in original X-Men movies made the character memorable.
Marvel has to reboot the franchise to introduce the characters in the MCU. Fans have been speculating about the new cast and this rumour about Henry Cavill playing wolverine broke the internet yesterday.

Henry Cavill who got international recognition for portraying Superman in the DC Universe is currently playing Geralt of Rivia in Netflix’s The Witcher and getting a lot of appreciation for that role. Netflix has renewed The Witcher for season 2, and Henry Cavill will return with it.

Man of steel

Talking about the sequel to MCU’s 2019 movie Captain Marvel, we might not see it untill the year 2022 as MCU has not even announced a writer yet for the film. Another reason to not believe this rumour is that there is no announcement from any official or trusted sources.

That ‘Henry Cavill As Wolverine In Captain Marvel 2’ Rumor Has The Sketchiest Source Ever

Sure, the idea of casting DC’s superman in Marvels Cinematic Universe is exciting and most of us would want him in some superhero action again. There is a chance for him to play a superhero again in future but for now, we can only say that this is just a rumour.

We do not know when MCU will introduce X-men, and who will be playing the role of Wolverine. The only choice we have is to wait and ignore the rumours.

Disney+ launch in India on March 29

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