Disney+ Hotstar launched in India

Disney+ the brand new OTT service from Disney launched in India officially on April 3rd 2020 as Disney+ Hotstar. The online streaming platform was first supposed to go live on March 29th along with the start of 13th season of IPL. Due to the Coronavirus outbreak, The IPL 2020 was pushed and Disney also delayed the launch of its service without providing any new launch date.

With all the productions getting closed or delayed and people having quarantines in their own houses the demand for OTT service has increased. All the Indian TV shows have stopped production and They are showing old episodes only. Observing the circumstances Disney finally launched the Streaming platform on April 3rd in a Digital Red Carpet Event featuring various Bollywood and South Movie Stars. 

Disney+ is launched on the existing OTT platform Hotstar. The service has been rebranded as Disney+ Hotstar. Disney+ Hotstar has 20 Marvel movies released till date starting with Iron Man(2008). Rights for Spiderman: Homecoming and Spiderman: Far From Home are with Sony Pictures and hence are not available on Disney+. You will also find The Incredible Hulk (2008) missing whose rights lie with Universal Pictures.

Along with the movies, you will also find the Marvel animated shows like Ultimate Spider-Man (2012), Avengers Assemble (2013), Spider-Man (2017), Guardians Od The Galaxy (2015), The Incredible Hulk (1996), Super Hero Adventure (2017), Ultimate Comics (2016), Spider-Man Unlimited (1999), Hulk And The Agents Of S.M.A.S.H. (2013), Iron Man (1994), Spiderwoman (1979).

Disney+ Hotstar is offering two plans. Disney+ Hotstar VIP plan is priced at Rs. 399/year. Disney+ Hotstar Premium Plan is priced at Rs. 1499/year.

VIP membership gives you access to all Disney+ and Hotstar shows and movies except the original shows from Disney+, FOX and HBO which you can access with Premium account only. If we compare the plans with Amazon Prime and Netflix the premium plan is a great deal.

In Pixar Store, Disney+ Hotstar has made available all Pixar movies. Here is a list of all Pixar movie available on Disney+ Hotstar:

  • Toy Story (All 4)
  • Onward (2020)
  • Incredibles (Both movies)
  • Cars (All 3)
  • Ratatouille
  • Finding Dory
  • Coco
  • Finding Nemo
  • Brave
  • Ralph Breaks The Internet
  • A bug’s Life
  • Wall -E
  • Monsters, Inc
  • The Good Dinosaur
  • UP
  • Inside Out
  • Including Other Pixar Shorts

In The Star Wars Store we have:

  • Star Wars: The Clone Wars (2008)
  • The Phantom Menace (1999)
  • The Last Jedi (2017)
  • A New Hope (1977)
  • The Empire Strikes Back (1980)
  • The Force Awakens
  • Star Wars Rebels (2014)
  • Attack of The Clones
  • Return Of The Jedi
  • Star Wars Resistance (2018)
  • Revenge Of The Sith
  • The Mandalorian (Disney+ Original)
  • Rogue One

Disney Originals:

  • Disney Insider
  • Marvel’s Hero Project
  • Encore
  • High School Musical: The Musical: The Series
  • Diary Of a Future President
  • Forky Asks a Question
  • Pixar In Real Life

This is just the Highlights. There is more in stores and many more titles in production. Disney defines our childhood. Let’s revisit that feeling and Enjoy! Tell us in comments which Disney+ show/movie is your favourite.

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