Best Soundbar in India 2020

Market is filled with a huge range of LED TVs and new one are launching every day. Barring a few TVs out there, one common complaint that most people have with these TVs is the lack of good audio output. And I don’t deny that demand as well. With bigger screen TVs and high quality picture content, watching movies or playing games is more about an overall experience. That experience goes dull, if you do not get an equally satisfying sound output. This is where the soundbars fit in perfectly. So if you are searching for a soundbar, then this article will make your life easier. We have put in hours of research to bring you a list of Best Soundbar in India in 2020. Our preference has been to find the best quality soundbar and list them based on different price bands.

Read on if you want to make your overall TV viewing experience from good to GREAT!!

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Best Soundbar in India under 10,000

So if you are looking for a soundbar under or around Rs 10000, then you can select from the below list. 

JBL Bar Studio Wireless Soundbar with Built-in Dual Bass Port (Black)

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This is the Best Soundbar you can get under Rs 10000 for your LED TV. JBL is known for best quality sound systems. With JBL signature sound output you also get Dual Bass port and surround sound effect.

JBL Soundbar comes with multiple connectivity options such as Bluetooth, HDMI(ARC), USB, Audio (AUX) and Optical connection. Not just your LED TV, but you can stream audio from your mobile and even from your USB stick. 

Blaupunkt SBW-100 120Watts Wired Soundbar with Subwoofer and Bluetooth 

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Blaupunkt SBW-100 would be the next option on my list. It is slightly cheaper than the JBL Soundbar, but you still get all the features and with a decent sound quality. It comes with separate Subwoofer which enhances your LED TVs sound output to a whooping 120Watts. The preset sound modes give optimum sound quality no matter you are listening to Music, watching Movies or News or playing 3D games. 

Just like the JBL this also has multiple connectivity options like Bluetooth, HDMI, 3.5mm Audio and Optical Port. A product definitely worth considering if you have a budget of under 10000 rupees.

Philips HTL2163B/12, 120W Bluetooth Soundbar Speaker (Black)

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If you can spend a bit more than 10000 bucks then I will surely recommend the Philips HTL213B/12, 120W soundbar. This soundbar has all connectivity options, so you don’t have to think twice about this. 

It comes with Philips Virtual Surround Sound effect which gives you a 5.1ch home theatre like experience. With a good quality subwoofer and Dolby Digital sound, the overall sound output is very good. Sound output of 120W is enough to fill any room size. 

Everyone has a different ear to music but if you are on a budget of Rs 10000, then I am sure you will find one that fits your requirements among these soundbars. 

BoAt AAVANTE Bar 1500 Wireless Bluetooth Soundbar

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Next in our list would be BoAt AAVANTE Soundbar. If you like trendy designed gadgets then this soundbar is for you. It comes with a separate Subwoofer and both the Soundbar and Subwoofer are very trendy looking. One smart thing BoAt has done is that they have provided the USB port on the side. How come others are not thinking about it. A lot of people prefer wall-mounting the SoundBar and the USB port becomes useless unless you use an extended USB cable. 

BoAt Soundbar comes with sound modes for Movies, Music, News and 3D. The Bass quality is good and the overall sound quality is also good but not as compared to JBL. I would recommend JBL soundbar but as I said, if you like trendy designs, then pick this one. 

Philips HTL1510B/94 Bluetooth Soundbar Speaker (Black) 

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Philips HTL1510B/94 is one of the best selling Soundbars. Philips has not only added all the bells and whistles but has also added some cool features like FM Radio, Audio Delay and Night Mode. Audio delay help you adjust the sound if there is a lip sync issue with the Video. Night Mode adjusts the loud sounds to a minimum. 

It comes with Wireless subwoofer so you can place it anywhere in the room. This makes it important to get a good bass output. Multiple connectivity options are available on this soundbar along with Bluetooth, so you can enjoy music from your mobile as well. Philips is one of the top brands in electronics, and you should definitely check out this soundbar.

Best Soundbar in India under 20,000

Let us now check out options you can find if you are ready to spend close to 20 grands. There are expensive soundbars available out there, but I personally feel that if you decided to go with a soundbar, then in this budget is sufficient to get a good soundbar. 

Sony HT-RT3 Real 5.1ch Dolby Digital Soundbar Home Theatre System

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First on my list is the mighty Sony HT-RT3 Real 5.1ch Soundbar. It is the only 5.1ch Soundbar you will find in this price brand. So you get the effects of a Home Theatre in price of a soundbar. Plus this is one of the top rated Soundbars on Amazon. 

The enormous 600W sound output is more than enough for any room size and gives you a thrilling movie experience. With the Dolby Digital you get high quality sound even at high decibels. 

It has all the connectivity options with the added advantage of NFC, which is one thing you find common across all Sony products. 

The only downside is that the Subwoofer is not wireless but surely one of the best soundbar in India in this price bracket.

Polk Audio Signa 1 soundbar with Wireless Speaker

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For those of you who’ve not heard of this brand, Polk audio is an American brand and was started in 1972. It is known for innovative audio products and is a big name in audiophile circle. With that, I must say that the Signa 1 is keeping up the brand name. The sound quality on this is amazing with a max output of 200Watts. 

This one comes with Dolby Digital 5.1 decoding which gives you surround sound equivalent of a Home Theatre system. The low profile of just 2 inch makes it easy to place it beneath the TV. 

Wireless Subwoofer, multiple connectivity options and amazing sound quality makes it an ideal deal for you to buy at this price. 

Yamaha YAS-109 Soundbar with Alexa & Subwoofer Built-in

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Yamaha YAS-109 soundbar is probably the cheapest Yamaha product that you can pick. Sound clarity is great as expected from Yamaha products. The Subwoofer is not a separate unit here but is built in. And since it is built in, you won’t get that thump as you would get from a separate unit. 

This soundbar has Alexa Voice Assistant built in making it very easier to control. Not only can you control the volume levels, but you can control other smart devices in your home with the Alexa assistant. One unique feature it has is a built in gyroscope. It optimizes the sound output based on the position of the soundbar, whether it is laid flat on the console or vertically mounted on the wall. Just like other soundbars this also has all the different connectivity options including Bluetooth. 

Yamaha has packed this soundbar with Dolby Audio 4K and Virtual:X 3D surround sound. It gives you amazing effects, although it is best enjoyed if you are in a small to medium sized room. The effect fades out as the room size gets bigger. This is because the 3D effect is produced as a result of reflection of sound waves from the walls.

Overall a stylish and premium product from in a decent price range. 

Best Soundbar in India under 50,000

Polk Audio AM9644-A Command Soundbar with Hands-Free Amazon Alexa Voice Control

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Polk AM9644-A Command is the best soundbar in India you can get under 50000 bucks. FThe built quality is premium and the looks are stylish. It comes with a wireless Subwoofer and built in Amazon Alexa Voice services. Alexa feature lets you control other smart devices in your home using the soundbar. Setup is also very easy using the Polk Connect app.  

This soundbar comes with Dolby DTS sound giving you great sound no matter you are watching moves, listening to music or playing games. Audio output of 360Watt RMS is enough to fill all room sizes. Sound Quality is absolutely amazing, and the surround sound works great as well.

A perfect buy for a budget of around 50000 rupees.  

Yamaha YAS-408 Soundbar

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Next I have chosen the Yamaha YAS-408 soundbar. This soundbar comes with a host of features like Alexa Voice Assistant, Music Cast, Qualcomm DDFA digital amplifier and Virtual:X 3D surround sound. Music Cast is an app that let’s you connect with wireless speakers throughout your home along with this soundbar. You can select between 5 different virtual surround modes. The clear voice feature enhances the dialogues in the movies so you don’t have to keep fiddling with the volume button.

This sound looks great and also sounds great. The DTS Virtual:X 3D surround sound with 5 different modes gives you different experiences for different types of videos you are watching. So what you get is not just surround sound but 3D sound. Basically the sound from the speakers hit the walls and ceiling to give you a multi-dimensional sound.  

The sound at low and high notes are just great and the overall sound quality is also very good for the price it comes at. 

JBL Bar 5.1 Channel Soundbar with Ultra HD 4K Pass Through

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This is one powerful soundbar from JBL. It gives you room filling virtual surround sound. The surround effect sounds a bit artificial. 

Overall build quality is good and it comes with adjustable stand legs, which is useful. You get all necessary ports and it has buttons placed on the top of the bar. It comes with a wireless subwoofer so you can place it anywhere in the room. The remote is small but has all the useful controls. You also get the 4K pass through, so you can connect other 4K devices to this soundbar and connect your soundbar using the HDMI ARC port to the TV. 

The overall sound quality is really good and the subwoofer is very strong. You will feel the thump while watching action movies, playing games and even when listening to music. Dialogues if accompanied with action in the background are hard to hear, which is a bit of a downside. Other than that you will not need to change the volume level very often. 

Overall a great soundbar which clear sound quality and good built quality for the price you pay. 

Money is not a factor

If money is not a factor then you would be thinking why not go for a home theater instead. But there are some really good soundbars which will give an equally satisfying sound experience. Plus you also get an added benefit of a compact and sleek design. Let us explore the best ones out there. 

Bose Soundbar 700 with Alexa Voice Control Built-in

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From a premium brand like Bose, you expect a premium product and the Bose Soundbar 700 is exactly that. The first look and you will see elegance all around. The top of the soundbar is made of glass and the minimalistic design speaks volume. It comes with a classy looking universal remote which you can pair with your TV, Blue-ray player and even gaming console. The keys are backlit which look very cool. It is a great looking remote but there is no mic for you to use it for voice commands and some people may find it a big large in size.

Bose Soundbar 700 is not just a soundbar, but also a smart speaker, which can be setup to work with Alexa or Google Assistant. Once setup, you can give voice commands to make it work like your Echo or Google Home Device. But at this price point, you will certainly miss the Sub-woofer. Bose is offering a Bose Bass Module compatible with this soundbar, only after you shell out close to 30K rupees for that. 

Now this soundbar comes with a calibration system, which some people might think, why that is required? Well, Bose has given it a name “ADAPTiQ” and what is does is, is that it fine tunes the output of the soundbar based on the size of room, seating positions in the room and other ergonomics of the room. It comes with a headband, which you have to wear and follow the instructions on the app. The whole purpose is to provide you excellent sound quality no matter where you sit in the room. 

The overall sound quality is amazing and the ADAPTiQ adds another dimension to the overall sound quality. But if you are an audiophile then you may not be impressed that much, because most of the sound comes from the front of the soundbar. And when you are watching action movies or listening to some thumping music, you will find it lacking a bit. 

Overall another amazing product from Bose. It’s smart, produces good sound and it does add glamour to your room. But it to get the overall experience, you will definitely feel the need to buy the Bass Module and extra pair of Bose Surround speakers. This takes the total bill off the roof. So if you are ready to go for it, then I would recommend buying the complete set with Bass Module and Surround Speakers to enjoy it to the fullest.  

Bose Soundbar 500 with Alexa Voice Control Built-in

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For the third spot i am again picking a Bose product. And the reason is simple, that when it comes to sound, Bose is a market leader with great products. So is the Bose Soundbar 500. 

Another sleek and classy looking soundbar and unlike Bose 700, this one comes with a matt finish top. But don’t get me wrong, it still looks great. In fact the glass top is high maintenance as it catches a lot of fingerprints and dust, whereas with the matt top you don’t have to worry too much about that. This is smaller and sleeker than the Bose 700 as well. Rest of the design is pretty similar and upscale. Ports and connectivity options are same so you don’t loose anything there. This one also comes with Alexa Voice control so you can control your smart devices with Voice commands. Just like the 700, it also have mics on the back and on the front, so even if you are playing music on the soundbar, it will recognise your command. 

Coming to sound output, it is amazing and you get a good room filling sound. It’s elder brother the 700 does come with extra drivers making it capable for bigger rooms, but unless you hear these soundbars side by side, you don’t really feel much difference. Which is good, because you get this one at a cheaper price tag. As far as adding more speakers, it is compatible with all range of Bose smart speakers including the Bass Module and wireless surround speakers. 

One more thing you may miss out when compared to the Bose 700 is the universal remote. This one comes with a basic remote which means you can use it only for the soundbar. 

If you are a Bose fan but feel the Bose 700 is expensive, you can go ahead with the Bose 500. You still get Bose standard sound quality, a premium and classy product at a lesser price than the 700. 

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