Best OLED TV sets that you can buy in India

OLED TV – The future of Television is here.

Why buy just another TV when you can own an OLED. The revolutionary Organic Light Emitting Diode allows our television sets to become ultra-thin with great colour reproduction and sleek design. The most important factor in OLED technology is that it switches off diodes to produce the black colour of pictures. Which means true black. True black creates higher contrast and vibrant colour. 

 LG is the pioneer in OLED Technology. Sony buys OLED panels from LG. Hence currently LG and Sony are the only two companies that manufacture OLED TVs.

OLED Televisions are premium products and hence are expensive. Before you invest so much money in these advance technology Television sets, it is always better to do some research. We have listed here some of the best OLED TVs for you that are available in India with in-depth reviews to help you make a choice that is right for you.

Sony Bravia A9F OLED TV


  • Super sound without a soundbar
  • 120 fps refresh rate
  • Each pixel has details
  • 4K Ultra High Definition
  • Android TV
  • Voice Search

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Sony Bravia A9F is a part of Sony Bravia’s Master Series of TV sets. Let’s look at why this deserves a place on our list.

Acoustic Surface Technology

The Picture is the Sound

With Sony’s X1 Ultimate image processor, the Bravia A9F sets are super televisions. It is a part of Sony Bravia’s Master Series TVs. It is a solid upgrade to Sony’s Acoustic Surface Technology. The unbelievable Acoustic Surface technology makes your OLED TV’s surface to double as a sound source. Isn’t that amazing! Your TV’s display will work as a speaker and believe me the sound is amazing. You don’t need a soundbar in this one. The centre speakers work in a similar fashion to the speakers placed behind the screens in theatres. Your Bravia AF9 can act as a 3.2 channel sound system without connecting any additional speakers and that’s not the only awesome thing with A9F. 

MotionFlow XR

How fast can you notice?

With the refresh rate of 120 fps, you won’t miss any action. Sony’s Motionflow technology inserts new motion-compensated frames between the original TV frames and reduces blur in fast-moving pictures to give you a clearer image. LED backlighting controls the backlighting for smooth motion. It also gives you the option to select different viewing modes that change the fps as per the content you are watching to let you see every detail in fast-moving scenes.

Pixel Contrast Booster

Boosts every Pixel

Sony Bravia A9F also features Sony’s Pixel Contrast Booster. The OLED panel communicates with the signal processor and provides feedback to it. Based on this feedback the processor controls signal quality pixel by pixel and improves details of the picture maximising contrast in every pixel and every colour. 

4K UHD and Dolby Vision

Be a part of the movie

The 4K Ultra High Definition resolution presents life-like images in front of you. OLED A9F is powered by Android TV and has built-in wifi. You also get google play store, voice search and chromecast to easily cast content from your device to your A9F screen. Dolby Vision that uses metadata to make High Definition images more accurate.

Sony Bravia A9G OLED TV

Sony A9G is the new model in Sony’s OLED TV list. It uses the same technical platform. Both A9G and A9F has equivalent OLED panels. 

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A9G also comes with X1 ultimate image processor and adds details to objects using Pixel Contrast Booster

Sony Bravia A9G supports 4K HDR with Dolby Vision just like A9F set. With MotionFlow XR technology you will not miss any details because the premium product supports 120 fps frame rate. It also runs on Android TV and supports google assistance. The major difference in A9G and A9F is the design. The panel of Sony Bravia A9G is supported by a small flat stand which is missing in A9F because of its ‘one slate’ design. 

Unlike A9F model which gives the sound of 3.2 channel speaker A9G comes with 2.2 channel speaker. The total sound output of A9G is 60 watts which is less than the 98 watts sound output provided by Sony Bravia A9F. Even with the less audio channel, the difference in sounds of two is not significant. 

Tip : Both A9F and A9G gives similar performance. A9G is a newer model from Sony and more expensive than A9F. We would recommend you to go for A9F as A9G comes with the downgraded sound channel.

Sony Bravia A8F OLED TV

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Sony Bravia A8F comes with X1 Extreme processor which was leading the OLED market before Sony’s X1 Ultimate processor. It supports 4K resolution with HDR10 and Dolby Vision HDR. A8F stands bold upright and has a base at the bottom to support it.

The Television set does not come with any speakers because the sound comes from the Acoustic Surface technology which uses the panel as a speaker with 2.1 channel sound. Total sound output delivered by Sony Bravia A8F is 50 watts. The sound quality is not very impressive as compared to A9F and A9G but the picture quality is quite impressive. Colours are rich and viewing angles are amazing. 

The frame rate is 100 fps which is less than other available models in the market but still a good deal considering the kind of content we have for satellite TV and online streaming services. 

The set has built-in wifi, google play store, Chromecast.

The Sony Bravia also runs on Andriod OS with google assistance and Alexa.

Tip : We have better options in OLED TV in the market with advanced features but they are also very expensive as compared to Sony Bravia A8F OLED. If you want the experience of OLED but are short on budget then A8F is a good deal.



  • Reduces picture noise 2 times better
  • Automatically adjusts brightness
  • Adds details and depth to the image
  • 4K Cinema HDR and Dolby Vision
  • Audio genre recognition
  • Immersive sound
  • Universal Remote with Magic Link and Magic Zoom features
  • Voice command with google assistance and Amazon Alexa

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The LG OLED AI ThinQ defines Technology at its best.

Have you ever looked at a person and fell in love immediately? This is not going to be like that because you are going to fall in love with all 8 million pixels simultaneously. We at ShopTalkPlanet could look at LG OLED AI ThinQ whole day even when it is switched off.

LG’s 2nd generation Alpha 9 intelligent processor

The LG OLED ThinQ is so slim it looks like a wallpaper. It comes with LG’s 2nd generation Alpha 9 intelligent processor which has a deep learning AI algorithm. Do you know that this Alpha 9 processor is specially designed for OLED TVs to improve contrast on every scene on 4k screen? The 4 step noise reduction feature provided by Alpha 9 processor reduces the picture noise and enhances the sharpness to breathtaking levels to match the picture to the real image. This is two times more powerful noise reduction than other TV processors. 

The 2nd generation of Alpha9 processor comes with light sensors that detect ambient light in the room and automatically adjust the brightness accordingly. Even if the lights are off you can view the picture with uniform brightness.

Artificial Intelligence

The LG OLED AI ThinQ uses Artificial Intelligence to improve screen resolution. It can think itself to detect objects present in the picture and after analysing the texture and edges, separates the objects from the background adding more details and depth to the image. Brightness levels are optimised by ambient recognition.


LG OLED AI ThinQ provides the frame rate of 120 fps(frames per second) that LG markets as TruMotion. That means no matter how fast and furious Vin Diesel drives, you can capture every detail of fast-paced high octane action on your TV screen without any blur. A blessing for sports fans. 

Tip : You may need to change some settings to get this feature in your TV set

4K Cinema HDR and Dolby Vision

Premium LG OLED sets come with 4K Cinema HDR and Dolby Vision. How many colour names you know? Dolby Vision produces 68 billion colours on your LG OLED AI ThinQ screen.

Sound recognition technology

The LG OLED AI ThinQ comes with special sound recognition technology that balances sound that is perfect for you. Artificial Intelligence can recognise different audio genres based on frequency and voice and identifies the source to make the voice sound more clear. 

Spacial recognition technology

With the latest spacial recognition technology It has the capability to optimise the sound based on the room environment and produce immersive sound irrespective of your location inside the room.

WebOS with Magic Remote

LG-owned smart TV operating system WebOS is another reason that makes LG OLED AI ThinQ the ultimate OLED TV choice. WebOS supports multi-window viewing. You can watch split scenes on the same screen. It also supports mobile connection overlay that allows you stream mobile content on an overlay screen on your running TV program.

One of the magical thing about WebOS that everyone is talking about is the Magic Remote. Magic Remote also serves the purpose of Bluetooth mouse. Whenever you watch any content on your TV you will get an option of Magic Link that would show you related information about that content. That’s not it. Your LG AI ThinQ gives you the power of the Third Umpire in every match. With the Magic zoom button, you can zoom the scene and see whether it’s a run-out or not crystal clear.

The magic remote comes with separate buttons for Netflix and Amazon Prime. You can also customize your remote and launch your favourite apps just by pressing only one key. Time to set apps on speed-dial! Also, you can use the same remote for your TV and set-top box.

The AI provides voice command recognition. So, you can watch your favourite movie or listen to your favourite music with just a simple voice request.

The LG AI ThinQ comes with the support of Google Assistance and Amazon Alexa which you can use even when the content is playing on the screen.


The LG C8 OLED comes with 4K resolution and supports HDR10 and Dolby Vision. Deep Colours and infinite contrast ratio makes the premium product one of the best in the OLED category. If you are looking for the ultimate picture quality experience then you can’t go wrong with the LG C8 TV set. The panel is supported by a curved stand. The speakers and the sub-woofers are placed at the bottom of the panel. The curved design of the stand helps direct the sound towards the viewer. 

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The LG’s Alpha 9 processor brings its intelligence with it. With in-built sub-woofers, the unit comes with 2.2 channel speakers and Dolby Atom support. Audio power output is 40 watts. You may not feel the need for a soundbar when you watch your favourite content on C8 OLED. 

Similar to other LG OLED TVs, C8 also runs on WebOS operating system. The features include ThinQ AI and Magic Remote. 

Built-in wifi and mobile connection overlay help you use the internet and stream your mobile device content on the TV screen.


Since LG is the pioneer in OLED panels it’s OLED TV sets are cheaper as compared to Sony’s. With Artificial Intelligence and space and sound recognition technology, LG OLED TVs are clearly the winner here. We will give a special mention to LG OLED B8 here that uses Alpha 7 processor and is a bit less costly than others but still delivers everything that you can expect from an OLED TV. But if budget is not an issue for you then Sony’s Acoustic Surface technology and Pixel Contrast Booster is something to show off.

Check out our TV Buying Guide for more information on OLED and other TV technologies.

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