Best 32 inch Smart LED TVs: A Helpful Illustrated Guide

Which is currently the best LED TV in the 32 inch category ?

I faced the same question but with so much choice around me, it is really difficult to find an answer to this. Well, to save you the pain, I have tried to share with you all the research and what I found out. I hope this helps you out in your research as well. In the process, I also came up with a list of top 10 LED TVs beyond which you probably don’t need to look.

I am sure you all remember that with the conventional TVs 20 and 21 inch screen was considered as the ideal for you home. But with the advent of LCD and LED TVs, the new norm is the 32 inch TV. Most of the families prefer this screen size as it is not too small and at the same time not too big either. Well LCD TV are not worth any more these days, it is the LED TVs that one should buy. So what do you need to know to make a decision and choose the best LED TV for your home? 

Let’s find out and jump right into it to look into the TOP 10 Best Smart LED TVs in 32 inch screen size. 

Mi LED TV 4A PRO 32-inches HD Ready Android TV

Mi TVs are topping the charts with their sales and why? Because just like their phones, their TVs have all the latest features of a high-end LED TV and that too at the most affordable price. And while doing this they are not compromising on quality. Check it’s current price on Amazon here.  


  • Smart Android TV with Android Oreo
  • 20W DTS Sound
  • Built-in Chromecast

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Why you should buy it?

Mi LED TV 4A PRO comes with HD ready capability and not is FULL HD. That it has a resolution of 1366×768 pixel density as compared to Full HD which means  a pixel density of 1920×1080. But trust me, it doesn’t make too much of a difference as long as the content you are watching is HD. 

The sound output of this Television is one of the best. As it comes with 20W speakers with have a DTS-HD or Digital Theater System with High Definition sound. This is the same technology that is used in Blueray discs. 

One of the main reasons why Mi LED TV 4A PRO tops our list is because it is one of the very few TVs that come with Android Oreo OS in this price range. It means it is just like having a bigger mobile where you can download apps, play games just like you do on your mobile. 

Along with all of this you also get a built-in chromecast. Which is first in it’s segment. Now with this feature you can cast (or transfer) your mobile screen real time on the TV screen. But it is only compatible with Android phones. So as long as you have an Android phone, you can use this feature without any issues. 

Thing you may not like

Now briefly talking about some of the things to keep in mind if you decide to buy Mi LED TV 4C PRO. 

  • I read some reviews indicating that there is not very good Service available for Mi TVs. 
  • No support for Netflix and Amazon Prime

Sony Bravia 80.1 cm (32 inches) Full HD LED Smart TV KLV-32W672G

Sony is one of the top brands in electronics and it’s products falls in premium category. The Bravia in the name is the engine or the brain of the TV and let me tell you, it is the best in it’s class. Note that it is a Full HD TV which means it has a higher resolution than HD ready TVs. 


  • Full HD
  • Smart TV
  • 30W Sound output with built-in woofers

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Why you should buy it?

From my point of view, the primary reason to buy Sony Bravia 32-inch Full HD LED Smart TV KLV-32W6272G has to be the Full HD display with X-Reality Pro feature. This feature enhances the picture quality at each pixel level. Which means all the pixels work together to generate stunning screen frames with absolutely no noise (or disturbance). 

Sony is a great brand in the speaker industry and they have used their expertise to provide amazing sound output from this TV. It comes with Dynamic Drive speakers with ClearAudio+ technology. The woofers provide the deep bass and ClearAudio+ gives you music and dialogue quality with enhanced quality and separation. 

Another great feature included by the company is the X-Protection feature which not only protects your TV from dust, but also from Lightning, Humidity and Voltage Surges. 

With all these Sony has made a complete package by adding Smart TV functionality that comes from built-in wi-fi receiver. Note that it is not an Android TV, but you can still use pre-installed apps like Netflix and Youtube. 

Thing you may not like

  • Expensive in it’s category but then you get a premium product. Check it’s price on Amazon
  • No Android OS even at this price. 

TCL 79.97 cm (32 Inches) HD Ready Android Smart LED TV 32S6500S (Black)

Next on the list I will place the TCL 32-inches HD Ready Certified Android Smart LED TV 32S6500S for the simple reason that this is the second Android Smart TV in our list with a good picture quality at a very affordable price. You can check it’s current price at Amazon


  • A+ Grade TV Panel
  • Android Oreo 8.0
  • AI functionality through Google Assistant
  • Built-in Chromecast
  • Smart Volume
  • Dolby Sound with Stereo Box speakers

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Why you should buy it?

The highlight of TCL 32-inches HD Ready Certified Android Smart LED TV 32P30S is it’s A+ grade panel which comes with HDR10 which reproduces light and dark shades with accurate precision. This is supported by IPQ engine for picture optimization and Micro dimming to adjust screen brightness according to room lighting. This helps in reducing strain on eyes. 

This TCL TV is not just an Android Smart TV, but it also has AI or Artificial Intelligence capability. This is provided through Google Assistant. The PS30V lets you access internet content using voice commands rather than typing it in. You can also control other smart home appliances. The only thing to note is that it currently supports only (US) English language. 

Another smart feature on this TCL TV is the Smart Volume control. This feature automatically adjusts the volume based on the kind of programme you are watching like Movies, Sports, News etc. 

Unlike the Mi LED TV 4C PRO, there is no restriction on Netflix or Amazon Prime apps. In fact you can download popular apps like HotStar, Voot etc. 

So in short it is a complete package and can go ahead with it if you are not brand conscious. 

Thing you may not like

The only downside I see is the missing Bluetooth connectivity. 

LG 80 cms (32 Inches) HD Ready LED Smart TV 32LM560BPTC with IPS Display & WebOS (2019 Model)

LG is another top brand in India which is known for it’s product quality and after sales service. This LG TV is packed with a number of great and latest features. And you get all of this at an amazing price. You can check the price on Amazon here


  • DTS Virtual:X Sound system
  • Quad Core Processor
  • Content store loaded with almost all popular apps

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Why you should buy it?

This LG TV’s main strength is it’s ACTIV HDR with IPS panel which provides true colors and picture quality from all angles. It also has Dynamic Color Enhancer that adjusts colors to produce more natural images. The onboard Quad-Core Processor eliminates noise and creates sharper images even if the original images are of low resolution. 

DTS Virtual:X coupled with Dolby Audio gives you an immersive sound experience. You get a theater like experience at home while watching movies on this TV. 

LG’s Content Store is loaded with almost all popular apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Youtube, Hotstar, ZEE5, EROS Now etc. You can also access your Videos and Photos from Google Cloud easily from this TV.  

The Home Dashboard on the LG TV allows you to access all smart devices in your home remotely from the TV screen. 

The TV is also enabled with Bluetooth technology. So you can surf the internet while watching TV. 

This is certainly one of the best LED TV from a great brand like LG which is packed with unique features. 

Thing you may not like

  • Popular apps like HotStar, SonyLiv etc. are missing

Samsung 32-inches Series 4 HD Ready LED Smart TV UA32N4310

This is another good LED TV that comes from a great brand like Samsung. Samsung is known for it’s excellent customer service and I can say that from my experience as well as I own a number of Samsung products. This 32 inches LED TV from Samsung comes at a reasonable price. Check the price on Amazon here.


  • Smart things App 
  • Live Cast
  • Laptop Mirroring 

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Why you should buy it?

Samsung in this Smart TV has come up with a Smart Things App. This App allows you share mobile screen, access popular apps and also works as a remote control. Install this app on your Android mobile or iPhone and you can control you TV from anywhere. Although the app features may vary by region. 

The Live Cast feature allows you to Live Stream any content you like. And you can broadcast from anywhere straight on your TV. Again this feature is only available with select Samsung Smartphones and not with any Smart Phones.

Samsung is known for manufacturing the most advanced display panels for TVs and Mobile phones. This TV is no different. It comes with A+ Grade Panel with HDR and Ultra Clean View for stunning picture quality. Micro Dimming Pro analyzes the black and white tones and adjust screen brightness according to room light conditions. 

Another unique feature of Laptop Mirroring lets you mirror your laptop screen on to the big TV screen. So if you work from home, you can use this feature and convert your TV into a computer. 

Thing you may not like

  • Live Cast feature only works with select Samsung Smartphones

Kodak 32-inches HD Ready LED Smart TV 32HDXSMART Pro

We all know Kodak for photo film but now Kodak has ventured into the TV manufacturing business as well. They are trying to beat the competition with their pricing and feature packed TVs. You check the price on Amazon here


  • Only TV under 10000 price bracket
  • MiraCast
  • Smart Wall
  • Android 7.0 OS 

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Why you should buy it?

Even though Kodak LED TV is the least expensive of the lot, but it packs a lot of great features, decent built quality and brings in a lot of value for money. It comes with A+ Grade IPS panel and brightness of upto 400 NITS to give a brighter picture quality with good contrast. 

The Smart Wall feature on this TV gives you an interface similar to mobile phones, which we all are pretty used to. It can also act as a computer monitor. Plus it also comes with MiraCast gives you the ability to cast your mobile phone screen on the TV screen. 

This is one of the very few Android TVs in this category. Even though the Android OS 7.0 is not the latest but still has a lot of potential. It opens doors to a lot of popular apps on the playstore letting you access tons of free entertainment. 

With so many features packed at such a great price, this is giving some heavy competition to established brands. 

Thing you may not like

  • Not the latest Android. They could have installed Android 8 OS and provided their customers with a complete package.
  • It doesn’t come with an in-built bluetooth but you can use a dongle. 

Sanyo 32-inches Nebula Series HD Ready Smart IPS LED XT-32A081H

Sanyo was absent from the electronics market for some time but it is a Japanese Brand and currently owned by Panasonic. Getting such a brand value at such a low price is certainly worth considering. You can check the price on Amazon here


  • IPS LED Super Bright Technology
  • Fast Cast
  • Wall Mount Included

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Why you should buy it?

This Sanyo LED TV comes with IPS LED Bright Technology which produces accurate colors with great picture quality. The viewing angles are also very good and you get good picture quality from any angle you watch TV. 

Being a Smart TV you have a number of apps like Netflix, Youtube etc pre installed. Using the Smart App navigator, you get access to games, news, lifestyle and more. Some reviews indicate absence of Amazon Prime app as well which is a downside as there are millions of user of Amazon Prime in India. 

You can download the Fast Cast App and mirror your mobile screen on TV screen. So if you are watching a movie on your phone, simply cast and enjoy it on the 32 inch TV screen. It also has Wireless Mirroring Technology but is not compatible with all smartphones which is not so great. 

Sanyo is also providing wall mount along with this TV which saves you some extra bucks. Sanyo also promises excellent customer services from it 400+ service center network across the country. 

Thing you may not like

  • Speakers are not of good quality
  • Absence of useful apps like Amazon Prime and you can’t download new apps as well

Samsung 80 cm (32 Inches) HD Ready LED Smart TV UA32N4200 (Black) (2019 model)

This is another Smart TV from Samsung which makes it to our list. This LED TV is a 2019 model and falls in the 20000 price bracket. You can check the price on Amazon here


  • Live Cast
  • PurColor Technology
  • SmartThings App

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Why you should buy it?

Just like other Samsung LED TVs, this also comes with great quality display panel. It comes with Micro Dimming Pro and PurColor technology. Micro dimming senses the room lighting conditions and automatically adjusts the black and white tones on the screen. PurColor technology reproduces the natural colors with sharp clarity making the views look real. 

Samsung is providing SmartThings App with all it’s Smart TVs. As with the other Samsung TV on our list, users can share mobile screen, access popular apps and also use it as a remote control from your smartphone. 

You also get Samsung Unbox Magic features in which your TV can act as a Personal Computer, as a Music System, has Home Cloud and Two Way Sharing. 

The Samsung Smart Hub comes with a lot of popular apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime and Youtube. 

Thing you may not like

  • Average 10W speakers.
  • Although it is a 2019 model but Samsung missed the opportunity to enhance this 32 inch TV capability. 

Kevin 32-inches HD Ready LED Smart TV K32CV338H

Kevin a Indian brand that has entered the LED TV industry recently and manufactures TVs from 20 inch to 75 inch screen sizes. This particular model has sold more than 3000 units on Amazon. Check out this TV on Amazon


  • HRDD display
  • A+ Grade Panel
  • Cinema Zoom Mode
  • Android TV

Buy On Amazon

Why you should buy it?

Kevin Smart LED TV comes with Android 8. It comes with pre installed apps like Netflix, Youtube, Hotstar and Facebook. You can also download apps from Google Play Store. 

HRDD technology from Kevin provides sharp images with good colors. It also has a wide viewing angle of 178 degrees. But if your TV is placed against a window or balcony, then visibility is not very good. 

In-built Cinema Mode zooms the screen and also enhances the audio and video settings to give you theatre like experience. The sound quality of this TV is also good. 

This TV also comes with M-cast feature to cast you mobile screen on to the TV screen. Watching a movie on a TV screen is always a better experience than on your mobile screen. 

At such a competitive price, Kevin has come up with a good feature packed TV. It’s sales and customer ratings are strong indicators, and you cannot ignore this LED TV. 

Thing you may not like

  • Day time picture quality is not good
  • People have reported issues related to installation and after sales service

CloudWalker 80 cm (32 inches) HD Ready Smart LED TV Cloud X3 32SHX3 (Black) (2019 Model)

CloudWalker is an India Tech Start-up launched in 2013. They are gaining a lot of popularity with their products because of the features provided in a low price range. Check out the price on Amazon


  • A+ Grade Panel
  • Android 8.0
  • CShare 

Buy On Amazon

Why you should buy it?

CloudWalker LED Smart TV comes with an A+ Panel and a Quad Core Processor with 1GB RAM and 8GB internal memory. This provides you swift performance and TV works without any lags. It also comes with a viewing angle of 178 degrees giving you clear image even from extreme side angles. 

This Smart TV comes with Content Discovery Engine which contains tons of online entertainment content that is updated daily. They are also Official App and Content Partners with a number of Apps like Hotstar ZEE5, SunNxt, ALT Balaji etc. You also get a LifeTime Subscription of Movie Box App which is a library of selected movies in more than 15 regional languages and across genres. 

It comes with Android 8 but it does not support Google Play Store. The company has provided it’s own interface that you can use to choose content online. It also keep receiving regular software updates that upgrades your TVs interface, settings menu, apps and more. 

The company provides a CShare App that you can download on your smartphone and control your TV. You can use it as a Remote, Air Mouse, Wireless Keyboard or to mirror your Mobile screen on to the TV screen. 

Overall a decent package at a competitive price.

Thing you may not like

  • Once installed, accessing the ports is not easy
  • Average sound quality

Complex Terms, Simple Explanation – Understand your TV features

HD Ready Vs Full HD

Well this is just a difference in screen resolution. HD Ready has a 1280×720 pixels resolution whereas a Full HD TV has a resolution of 1920×1080 pixels.  Both TVs are capable of streaming HD picture quality but Full HD has more sharper images as compared to Full HD. 

Although honestly speaking you won’t notice the difference unless you view them side by side.

Smart TV and Android TV

Smart TVs comes with a in-built wi-fi receiver making them capable of connecting to the Internet. If you have a wi-fi internet connection at home, then your TV will connect to it wirelessly. With the internet connectivity you can connect with pre-installed apps and watch movies, video and even play games. Installing new apps is a pain however. 

Google launched the Android TV version of their operating system in 2017. Since then Android TVs are new trend in the Smart TV world. Android TV brings in features of your mobile phone to your TV. The main advantage is access to Google Playstore where you get access to loads of apps of your choice. But do keep in mind that the number of apps that you can download will depend on the internal memory of the TV. 

Optimum Screen Size

LED TVs come in a range of screen sizes – 32, 40, 43, 49, 55 and even bigger than that. 

To decide which is optimum screen size for your needs refer to the below table

Viewing DistanceScreen Size
4-5 Feet32 inchs
5-7 Feet40-43 inchs
7-9 Feet49-55 inchs

Screen Panel Quality

The most advertised term to define screen panel quality is A+ Grade Panel. These are most transparent and provide maximum clarity to images. In short this is considered the highest grade TV panel. 

Another set of terms you will see is IPS and VA. IPS stands for In-Plane Switching and VA stands for Vertical Alignment. The basic difference is in the screen pixel alignment. In IPS it is Horizontally Aligned as compared to Vertically Aligned in VA. IPS Panels provide better viewing angles on the other hand VA panel have a better picture quality and speed which is good for gaming. 

Ports and Connectivity Options

An important feature people often do not pay much importance on. Even the salesmen do not explain or highlight this feature to their customers. 

I would recommend you to always check the type and number of Ports and Connectivity options that come with your TV. Now a days there are multiple devices available that you can connect like Gaming Consoles, Set-top box, Sound Bars, Music System, Headphones etc. It gets very frustrating if you later find out that the device connected to your TV doesn’t function properly. 

Any HD device streaming like Set-top boxes or Gaming Consoles or even your Laptop will need an HDMI port to connect. HDMI stands for High Definition Multimedia Interface and with a single cable both image and sound is transmitted. HDMI with ARC or Audio Return Channel is an HDMI port like a 2-way port. It takes images and sound from one device like a set-top box and transfers the sound to another device like a sound bar. Although it needs the other device to be ARC compatible as well. So it is recommended to connect each device with a seperate HDMI cable. 

Bluetooth connectivity is also an important feature as well. Especially if you like to use bluetooth headphones for gaming or simply avoiding to disturb others. Now a day you can even connect your sound bar or home theatre using a bluetooth connection. So certainly a good feature to have. 


Useful Tips and Recommendation

With so many brands and competitive pricing it gets really confusing to make a choice. I would like to suggest a few tips that might help you make the right decision.

First Tip: I would recommend not to compromise on quality. There are so many good brands these days, that there is no point choosing a substandard product. You will easily find brands like Samsung, Sony, LG, MI etc. to choose from. Also the good news is that this segment of 32 inch LED TVs has become very price competitive as well. So you can easily find a good quality LED TV at a reasonable price. 

Second Tip: Do check about the companies after sales service. Electronics are very reliable these days, but still if you land up with one of those faulty products, you really need all the support you can. 

Third Tip: Go for a smart TV and you will not regret it. With online streaming becoming the trend, go for a smart TV with internet connection capability. You will not regret later and you can easily watch online content on Netflix, Youtube, Hotstar on the big screen of your TV. 

Category-wise recommendation

Best Android LED TVMi LED TV 4A PRO
Best Brand LED TVSony Bravia KLV-32W6272G
Best Low Cost LED TVMi LED TV 4A PRO

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