Avengers Endgame watch party: Big Reveals by directors Russo brothers and screenwriters Markus and McFeely

After a year of the release of Avengers Endgame which concluded the epic Marvel Cinematic Universe Infinity Saga, Comicbook.com – an independent media company organised a Quarantine Watch Party. The best part about the watch party was that directers Russo brothers and screenwriters Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely also joined and shared a ton of coolest trivia including alternate ideas from drafts.

Here are all the best bits.

Hawkeye in Infinity War

Remember the time when everyone was wondering where did Client Barton go in Infinity War? Well, the screenwriters revealed that the opening scene of Endgame where Client’s family turns to dust was meant to appear at the end of Infinity War.

Wanda could have survived the snap

Wanda could team up with rocket and have a full-fledged role in Endgame but after the death plot of Vision in Infinity War, this idea was dropped.

Why Captain Marvel had a very small role

Stephen McFeely revealed that Endgame was about saying goodbye to the original Avengers and hence to highlight them new Characters took the smaller screen space.

How did Captain Marvel find Tony and Nebula

Nick Fury contacted Captain Marvel at the end of Infinity War before turning into the dust. The pager that Nick Fury had was turned into the SHIELD lost and found. Captain Marvel meets the Avengers and Rocket helps her to track the ship.

Endgame Human Banner scenes were re-shot

Screenwriters revealed that smart Hulk was originally meant to be introduced at the end of Infinity War. Hence the human banner scenes in Endgame were reshot

The hardest scene to write

The sequence where Avengers work out where to go when they time travel

Could Winter Soldier become next Captain America

Bucky was Steve Roger’s best friend but at the end of Endgame Steve handed over his shield to Sam. Christopher Markus revealed that they considered giving Bucky Captain America’s mantle but the idea was quickly dropped because Sam is a more suitable candidate for the Captain America idealism.

Russo family cameo

Ava Russo who played Lila Barton in Avengers Endgame is director Joe Russo’s daughter. Kids in a selfie scene with Professor Hulk were Joe’s daughter, Lia, Anth’s son, Julian, and their nephew, Augie

The elevator scene

While the original elevator scene in Winter Soldier took 4 days to finish shooting the endgame ‘Hail Hydra’ elevator scene took only three hours

The hardest scene to shoot

The scene between Hulk and the Ancient one was the hardest scene to shoot in either movie – tweeted Russo Brothers.

Captain America could have been the soul stone

In early drafts, Captain America could have embodied the soul stone. That could be an alternate ending of the movie where Captain America sacrifices himself to defeat Thanos. Russo brothers said that idea was dropped quickly.

Party bonus was when Robert Downey jr joined the live chat with Joe Russo on instagram.

source: The Russo Brothers Instagram

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